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You can try me and my work for just $5.

And there’s no further obligation after you do.

Pay Just $5 One-Time

Because I know it’s hard to choose who to work with and who to trust.

And I know that “free consultations” that everyone seems to offer are usually just time for them to try to sell you something.

(I hardly ever take anyone up on their “free consultation” offers. Do you?)

Besides, when I’m in your position, I don’t want a “consultation”. I want my problem solved. I want to get to work, get back on track, and I want real answers that help. That’s what you’ll get from me.



  • You’ll get ONE HOUR of Personal time with me by phone and/or video-chat with screen-sharing time.
  • If I need more time to solve your problem or answer your question, depending on the complexity of what you need, I’ll present you with one or two ways to continue:
    • I’ll follow up at no further cost to you. Sometimes an hour just flies by. But your issue may not really be that large or complex. If it’s not, I might just keep working on it until we’ve solved it.
    • or
    • I’ll give a quote or an estimate for what it would take for me to help you further.



  • Let’s say you have a WordPress problem or question, we can work through it. If I can’t help you right away, depending on how complex it is, I’ll research it and get back to you with a fix.
  • If you’re trying to set up your Facebook Page or Facebook Ad, but are stumbling and can’t seem to breakthrough, I’ll help you figure it out and get you on the right path.
  • If you’re trying to set up a blog or website, but are getting confused about buying a domain (URL/web address) or web hosting or whatever’s challenging you, I’ll help you solve it.
  • If you any social media or website questions or challenges, I’ll take up the challenge with you.


As a bonus, depending on what you need, I might even send you by email some excellent resources that you can use to continue on your journey – with or without me.

All for just 5 bucks.

You’ll get a feel for what I can do, and whether we’d be a good fit to work together.

And I’ll get a chance to prove myself to you.

So if you’re stuck right now and need immediate help, I can get you going. For just $5.



Yes, there is.

  • If you know you need help with CSS, this is not for you. Click here to call my CSS expert.
  • If you want a whole website created for $5, this is not for you. I don’t work that cheaply, and you probably shouldn’t trust anyone who says they do.



After you click the Take Action button below, you’ll be asked to pay your five dollars. You can pay with PayPal or with just about any credit card.

There are no recurring charges, no re-billing, no monthly contract, nothing. $5 is all you pay.

You’ll be taken to a short form that you can fill out and I’ll ask you to call me.

We’ll set up a time to work through your problem. We might even be able to work through it the first time you call me. If not, we’ll schedule an hour when we can. If your challenge requires follow-up, I’ll give a quote or an estimate to help you further.

Hopefully, after we’ve worked together, you’ll want to work with me some more. If not, we can part ways and you’ll only be out five dollars.

So take a test-drive. Try me out. I look forward to working with you.


Pay Just $5 One-Time